Projects and talks

open courseware:
scientific programming new

An open course for students interested in computational science and the like, developed together with Ivo van Vulpen and Jelle van Assema. Try out the course here (it's in Dutch) and find the sources on GitHub. Issues and pull requests are welcomed!

Open courseware resources

This page lists resources on finding, reusing and republishing open courseware. As presented in a previous talk at NIOC 2015.

research: Code quality UPDATED

This separate page lists resources related to my research into framing code quality for introductory programming courses. Obviously something I would use myself, so please contribute!

open source: Course site

This is a Ruby on Rails application used to manage course content and student submissions. Course content can itself be hosted on GitHub and automatically pulled. Student submissions go directely to a Dropbox folder. You're welcome to use and contribute.

Programming resources

This wiki on GitHub lists many resources we've uncovered when looking for good teaching materials on the web. Some are perfect to link to for students, other could be integrated in a course in some way or other.