programming 1 + 2

This one is mostly based on a course that has become dear to my heart (and that of many students): CS50 from Harvard's David Malan. It starts off with Scratch and boldly goes on using C, which some would say is quite a leap. However, C has proven to be a small language that is fundamentally linked to many computer science concepts. We did recently replace the web languages by an introduction to Python, which fits the follow-up courses better.


App Studio

This course is a mix of a lot of existing material and some new. Harvard's CS76 by Dan Armendariz and David Malan is a project-based technical course, focusing on getting students up to speed with software engineering concepts and tools, while learning about a specific mobile development platform. We added reading assignments, based on open source books on design. Small startup exercises for getting into the platform are still to be redesigned.